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pondermap"Barely a dot on the map in 1948, the small town of Ponder, Texas, had among its small population a local celebrity in the making. Grace Pete Jackson was working at the neighborhood grocery preparing meals, and so many townspeople loved her cooking that she opened her own restaurant, which she named Ranchman's Café.

In the early 70's, one of Pete's most loyal customers was Dave Ross, a young student from North Texas State University, just down the road. Dave would admire the Old West memorabilia covering the walls and take in the delicious aroma of grilled and chicken-friend steaks while enjoying a slice of pie and a glass of tea. By 1973, he was working in the restaurant alongside Pete as a weekend butcher, grill cook, and baker. He gained a lot of experience in her kitchen, baking cobblers, pies and homemade dinner rolls. He also learned how to break down hindquarters into steaks and grill them.

SteakNTaterIn 1992, Pete sold the restaurant to Dave, and he pledged to keep it exactly the same.

The menu hasn't changed in 50 years, and everything is still made from scratch. Pies are still prepared using original recipes. The meat is hand cut and trimmed, grilled to order, and brushed with their special steak butter, just as it was in the 40's. And the friendly staff is encouraged to visit the customers.

Customers come from all around to taste the steaks and pies they've heard so much about, but there's a wealth of other delicious eats on the menus as well everything from burgers, sandwiches, and ham steaks to pork chops and farm-raised quail. Oh, and dont forget to call ahead to reserve a baked potato. To keep from overordering and having them go to waste, the restaurant reserves just enough potatoes for each night based on their call-ins.

Over the years, Dave has worked hard to preserve that feeling of being at home and Pete's sweet spirit that remains the heart and soul of Ranchman's Café."



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