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Ranchman's Cafe Menu


24oz. T-bone, hand cut and trimmed of excess fat, grilled to order and brushed with our own steak butter. Good to split.
A Texas favorite for generations - aged beef, hand cut and trimmed, grilled to order and brushed with our own steak butter
12 oz. $18.95
16 oz. $23.95
The Club
An old fashioned butcher's cut, this 8oz. T-bone has little of no fillet
Rib Steak
Beautifully marbled and selected for flavor and tenderness, grilled to order and brushed with our own steak butter
12 oz. $20.95
16 oz. $26.95
Top Sirloin
Hand cut and trimmed of excess fat, grilled to order and brushed with our own steak butter
10 oz. $18.90
14 oz. $23.66
Ground Sirloin Steak
Our 12 oz. chopped steak, served with grilled onions
Chicken Fried Steak
A Ranchman's favorite, lean round steak, hand cut and trimmed of fat, hand tenderized and breaded in seasoned flour, then deep fried to perfection - served with homemade gravy - sorry, we do not split meals on our chicken fried steaks
6 oz. $10.95
12 oz. $15.95
Ham Steak
12 oz. of Wright's sugar cured, hickory smoked ham steak, lightly grilled
Pork Chop
We cut our own chops from East Texas swine to insure a great chop, grilled to perfection and served with Ranchman's Peach Chutney
single chop $9.95
double chops $14.95
Breast of Chicken
Juicy boneless chicken breast, your choice of grilled or breaded and deep fried
"Bones" Special
Named for the customer who first requested it in the 1950's - 8 oz. of ground steak served with grilled onions and gravy
Farm raised, marinated in a special blend of herbs and spices, your choice of grilled or fried
single platter $9.95
double platter $14.95
*Add a quail to any entree $5.25 each

For those cowboys and cowgirls with a large appetite, any steak can be special cut for $1.79 per ounce

We serve only U.S.D.A. grade beef, hand cut and trimmed, then grilled to order and brushed with our own steak butter.

All entrees served with hot rolls and fresh-cut fries, baked potatoes available for $1.50 extra with reservations

Add $3.00 for a split or shared meal.

*Add Fries to any sandwich for $1.50 extra


Half-Pound Patty 
Cheeseburger $7.50 w/fries $8.99
Double Cheeseburger $10.25 w/fries $11.75
Hamburger $6.95 w/fries $8.50
Double Hamburger $9.95  w/fries $11.45
Quarter Pound Patty
Kid Cheeseburger $5.50 w/fries $6.95
Kid Hamburger $5.00 w/fries $6.50
*Add Cheese, Bacon, Grilled Onions, Jalepenos, or Mushrooms to any of the above for $.50 each
**Other Sandwiches**
6 oz. sirloin steak, grilled to order, on a toasted bun with mayo, romaine, tomato, and onion
$9.75 w/fries $11.25
Boneless chicken breast, grilled golden and juicy, and served on a toasted bun with mayo, romaine, and tomato
$9.75 w/fries $11.25
Grilled Ham and Cheese
We use only Wright's hickory smoked, sugar cured ham, lightly grilled and snuggled between slices of American cheese melted between grilled Texas toast
$6.95 w/fries $8.45
Grilled Cheese
Two slices of American cheese melted between grilled Texas toast and served withdill pickle slices
$4.25 w/fries $5.75
Ranchman's BLT
Six strips of Wright's bacon on Texas toast with mayo, lettuce, and slices of vine-ripe tomato
$6.25 w/fries $7.75
Bacon and Egg Sandwich
Fried egg on Texas toast with our four strips of crisp bacon, mayo, romaine, and tomato
$6.25 w/fries $7.75
Toast Ham & Cheese Sandwich
Wright's hickory smoked, sugar cured Ham, cheese, lettuce and tomato, on toasted bread with mustard.
$6.95 w/fries $8.45

Lunch Special

Monday - Friday
Menu Varies daily.  Includes: Lunch Entree and Three Vegetables
Full Lunch $8.25
Half Lunch $5.75


Quail Quarters
Grilled or deep-fried, served with ranch dipping sauce
2 for $3.95
4 for $6.95
6 for $9.95
Calf Fries
Sometimes called "Moutain Oysters," these hand breaded and deep-fried to golden brown favorites are served with cream gravy, Ranchman's BBQ sauce or ranch dressing
small $5.95
large $9.50
Chicken Fried Steak Fingers
Cut from one of our famous chicken fried steaks and served with cream gravy
4 for $6.95, $8.50 w/fries
6 for $9.95, $11.50 w/fries
Chicken Fried Chicken Strips
Served with cream gravy
3 for $4.75, $6.25 w/fries
6 for $9.25, $10.75 w/fries
Hunk of Bleu
A 4 oz. hunk of creamy Stella bleu cheese - perfect for pickin'


Ranchman's Chef Salad
Your choice of grilled ham, chicken or sirloin on a bed of romaine lettuce, topped with onion, Parmesan & Cheddar chesses, tomatoes, and hardboiled eggs
Dinner Salad
Romaine and tomato salad served with our legendary cucumber house dressing or homemade buttermilk ranch dressing



 Vegetable of the Day
try a side of our seasonal veggies, cooked fresh daily
Baked Potato
By reservation only, loaded with butter, sour cream, bacon crumbles, and Texas chives.  Ask, we might have an extra tater for you
ala carte $3.95
with entree $1.50
Fresh Cut French Fries
Taste the difference - just a real Idaho potato cut only seconds before it's fried
Grilled Onions
Sweet onions grilled with butter
Grilled Mushrooms
Fresh mushrooms, grilled with garlic, herbs and spices
Customize your meal by adding one of our tender and juicy quail, grilled or chicken fried
Whole Jalapeños (2) $.50 each
Bacon $.50
Chips $.50
Homemade Country Gravy Cup $.50
Ranchman's Cucumber Dressing (pint) $5.95        
Ranchman's Buttermilk Dressing (pint) $5.95
Ranchman's Peach Chutney (pint) $5.95
Ranchman's Ultimate BBQ Sauce (pint) $5.95
Ranchman's BBQ Rub (pint) $7.50


Homemade PIe
Apple, Buttermilk, Chocolate, Coconut, Pecan, Strawberry Rhubarb
Homemade Cobbler
Blackberry, Cherry, Peach
Vanilla Ice Cream (per dip)
A premium product - what a way to top-off your pie or cobbler
The Whole Pie $16.50
The Whole Cobbler $18.50
We still use the original "made from scratch" recipes that Evelyn "Granny" Stack made famous here at Ranchman's for over 34 years



Coffee (Regular and Decaf $1.50
Hot Tea $1.50
Iced Tea (Regular and Sweet) $1.95
R.C. Cola, Diet R.C. Cola, 7-Up, Lemonade, IBC Root Beer, Dr. Pepper
Milk (sorry, no refills) small $1.39
large $2.59
Kids Drinks $1.25
Hot Chocolate (sorry, no refills) $1.50





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